Repair Of Offtrack Garage Doors In El Paso TX

quality gagare door install el paso texasIt’s common for a garage door to go off track, and in most instances, it is also possible to slide it back onto the track with a little effort. However, it is important always to remember that when the door goes off its track, it will not just look unattractive, but it also poses a significant risk to everyone that uses the garage. Also, trying to handle it without any professional help is not always a good idea because you might end up making things worse or even getting some injuries in the process.

What May Make the Door Go Off Track?

Understanding the factors that may cause the door to go off track is the first step in dealing with the problem. It is important to know that the common causes will vary from one type of door to the other and certain kinds have a particular kind of track that makes it almost impossible for the rollers to go off.

The most probable cause of the problem is breaking of the two cables that support the door or even one of them. These cables carry the weight of the door but when they snap it is likely to go off track due to lack of adequate support. But, the good news is that they are very sturdy, and it takes many years for them to wear out. Impacts from hitting the door with your vehicle will not only dent the panels but can also cause the door to go off track.

In some cases, this problem is a result of leaving screws, nuts and other things on the track. Any alien item on the path causes clogging, and when you close or open the door, the rollers will jump out of the track because of the foreign object that is blocking their usual way. Other things like a damaged spring or when the door is not balanced can also contribute or lead to this problem.

How an off Track Garage Door Is Fixed

When you notice that the door is off its track, the first step should always be to call in a professional. If it is easy for you to slide the door back, you can do it, but the problem with doing this is that you cannot know whether there is any other underlying problem that may be the cause of the off track door. However, a specialist will first give the garage door a full examination to determine if there are any underlying issues. DECA Garage Door Repair and Installation can help repair your offtrack garage door issues.

If the door does not have any other problems, the next step is always to readjust the track and replace any worn out rollers or those that are too small to run on the track without coming off. A specialist will also correct or adjust the roller alignment if necessary before cleaning and lubricating the tracks. The professional will then finish the task by giving the door a thorough examination to make sure that all door components are working well and that no parts are missing.

Although an off track garage might seem like something easy to repair, this is not always the case, and so it is vital to call in the professionals and let them take care of it. By making that one important call, you will be able to restore your door to an excellent working condition within a short time.


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  1. Efrain Zamora
    Efrain Zamora says:

    My garage door torsion spring broke that came with my 30 year old house. I called other garage places, but they could not repair it and others just wanted to sell me a complete new door system. I called Deca and talked with Eric Montanez about my situation. He really came through with a reasonable rate for the repair. I really recommend Deca Garage Doors and will do more business with him in the near future.

    Thank You Erik!

    Mr.E Zamora


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